What’s Your Perspective on Stress?

Notice what you tell yourself about stress, your health, resilience, etc. That little background voice can be pretty subtle, but it’s worth noticing what your beliefs are.


The Present is the Greatest Gift

Are you having trouble slowing down and taking time to do things for yourself? As you know, when you do slow down and nurture yourself, the benefits are immeasurable!

The first step is to believe that you deserve to be happy and fulfilled, to be blossoming and thriving through the loving attention you give to yourself and what you truly want in your life. IMG_1029

Once we are back to our natural state of  self-care, then opportunities, joy and abundance flow. Many tools exist to help us connect with ourselves and others more deeply and to live life fully. Here’s one amazing, life-changing tool: the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course, offered free online by Dave Potter!

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Thought Stories

IMG_1416When I’m on a train of thought-especially a “blame train” or “pain train”, the train ride is through a story land, where I use blame or criticism or judgment to explain behavior and even come to believe things about myself or others. The beauty of being on that train of thought is that once I’m aware that I’m on it, I can ask myself “WHY am I having this reaction and these thoughts?” By asking “WHY?” after each answer, eventually, I’ll peel away the surface layers to reveal what underlies the train of thought. IMG_1319

Trains of Thought

IMG_0091The longer I’m riding on a thought train, the further I travel from my heart center. This is especially true if I’m on a pain train or a blame train.  I prefer to ride a train of thought for a couple stops, while it’s useful to me, then hop off and return to my original state: my heart center. There, I have a wider perspective, more creativity, problem-solving skills, strong intuition and compassion for myself and others.


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